The RSR Group was founded in 1948 as Rowlands Nicholls & Co. Ltd and a year later moved to RSR House in Brentford, West London (UK). In 1964 Frederick Nicholls decided to pursue other business interests and the company was re-named R S Rowlands Ltd. Ronald Rowlands' son, Clive , joined the company and became the driving force for the next thirty-three years. Sadly, Ronald Rowlands died in 1997. Today the company is solely owned by Ian Hamilton who has been with RSR for over 35 years.

Since 1948 the fastener business has changed enormously. Metric sizes have become established as DIN and ISO standards are accepted throughout Europe, and Grade 8.8 high tensile steel has replaced mild steel as the basic material for bolts. Many more product groups are now part of the ex-stock range including blocks, pipe clips and adhesives.

Buyers have also become more judicious in their approach to approving suppliers. Accreditation to the BS EN ISO 9002 standard is now a benchmark of quality management systems. This has led to a rise in the standards of professionalism throughout the industry. RSR Fasteners has been at the forefront of this move that it has supported through its membership of the industry's national association NAFS.


With 60 successful years behind us it is now time to look forward to the new millennium. We value our past and the tradition of customer service it has given us. We also recognise that our future lies in developing this service to provide outstanding value for our customers. Our aim is to ensure that RSR Fasteners remains a leading supplier within our industry.